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FIBCO Family Services, Inc has been serving as a catalyst and instrument of change in Phoenix since it was founded in December 1986 by Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr., senior Pastor of First Institutional Baptist Church.

FIBCO Family Services, Inc. serves the community through four main program areas: Food and Clothing Distribution, African Immigrant and Refugee Support Services, Job Readiness Programming, and Affordable Housing for Individuals with Disabilities and Youth in Foster Care. We are also an Access Point for Maricopa Work Force Connection. We provide services to hundreds of individuals and families each and every week. Our programs and services are created to provide opportunities for change in the lives of those we serve.

FIBCO's presence in downtown Phoenix, allows us to stand as a beacon of light and hope in the heart of the city.
FIBCO Family Services, Inc. is dedicated to meeting the needs of our community by providing resources and knowledge to assist individuals and families in becoming self-sustaining.

FIBCO aims to serve as a catalyst for bringing organizations and groups together in collaborative partnerships in order to leverage resources and more effectively address the needs of our community.

  • Respect - Treat everyone with respect and appreciate individual difference. Carefully consider the impact of program decisions on our staff, volunteers and people we serve.
  • Integrity - Do not compromise morals or ethical principles, and expect to be measured by what we do as well as what we say.
  • Excellence - Be strategically directed in the pursuit of excellence; empower clients to be self-sufficient through services based on sound program practices and outcomes.
  • Unity - Commit to forging public and private partnerships that include diversity, trust, goodwill and reciprocity.
  • Service - Commit to meeting the needs of the community-at-large without regards to race, color, ethnicity or religious preference.

Food & Clothing Distribution

Through our partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank, our Lad's Lunch Program serves healthy lunches and emergency food boxes to over 2,000 people each month. Our clothing program provides a variety of clothing, and shoes to men, women and children free of charge. Many of the people who come to FIBCO avail themselves of all three of our services. Our food and clothing programs allow people access to much-needed resources. See schedule of services below for program hours of operation.

Contact: Dorothy Adams
Job Readiness Program

The purpose of our job readiness program is to assist job seekers in finding employment. Through free individual consultations with a job readiness specialist, job seekers can obtain referrals to agencies that can help them overcome barriers to employment and get assistance with resumes and job applications.

FIBCO Family Services also serves as an Access Point for Phoenix Workforce Connection, providing free computer access to individuals seeking employment. FIBCO's Access Point is open daily from Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00pm.

Contact: Currently Vacant
PAAAC: Preserving our African/African-American Connection

PAAAC’s purpose is to reach Africans living in and moving to the Valley of the Sun and establish loving, learning, caring and sharing relationships in the spirit of the FIBC/ FIBCO mission. To assist African-born members of First Institutional Baptist Church to integrate and acclimate into active membership with FIBC at all levels of participation. To encourage Africans who are immigrants and/or refugees/involuntary migrants to become self-sustaining. To connect and partner with Africans living in the Valley of the Sun, especially those who are immigrants and/or refugees as well as African, African-related and immigrant/refugee-related organizations.

Contact: Rev. Mbaya Barampunde
Affordable Housing Program

FIBCO provides affordable housing for persons with disabilities. This program assists seniors, veterans with disabilities, and people with serious mental illnesses (SMI) in securing short-term and long-term housing. Housing may be available in FIBCO's Good Shepherd East and Good Shepherd West properties. Interested applicants should contact the housing manager at the phone number listed below.

Our Bible properties which include the Samaritan House, Cornelius Cottage, Nazareth Arms, and Mary Manor provide affordable housing on a referral basis from partnership agencies.

* For individual placement information for the Good Shepherd Homes please call Eulene at (480) 446-0437 or Carmen at (623) 934-3783. For family placement information please call Broadway House (602) 276-5430.
Stork's Nest

Through a partnership with the Delta Gamma Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. FIBCO houses the Delta Gamma Zeta Stork's Nest in the The Hope Center. The Stork's Nest is a national, collaborative pogram of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and the March of Dimes.

The Stork’s Nest is a community-based, prenatal, health promotion program for low-income pregnant women. The program is designed to promote prenatal care participation and healthy behaviors during pregnancy through two components-incentives and education. Stork’s Nest clients “earn” points toward incentives, such as maternity or baby care items, through a variety of positive, health-promoting activities such as attending prenatal care appointments, participating in prenatal education classes, and keeping appointments for well-baby visits.

Women are encouraged to enroll in the Stork's Nest program early into their pregnancies to receive the most benefit from their participation. They can be referred through self-referral by a health care professional or community-based organization.

Contact: Damara Lotten 
FIBCO Family Services, Inc is dedicated to meeting the needs of our community by providing resources and knowledge to assist individuals and families in becoming self-sustaining. The vision of FIBCO Family Services, Inc is that, with the financial support of our friends and supporters, we will continue to serve as a catalyst to bring organizations and partner together in order to leverage resources and more effectively address the unique needs of our community.

In upcoming months, we plan to expand our services to include ESL and GED classes, parenting education programs, and more job readiness and college prep resources. 

We hope you will help support our much-needed programs and services by making a contribution to FIBCO today. All contributions to FIBCO Family Services are tax deductible. FIBCO Family Services has been identified as a Qualifying Charitable Organization by the State of Arizona, so donating to FIBCO may also make you eligible to claim the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit on your Arizona state taxes. By making a donation up to $400 (if you file single, head of household, or married filing sperately) or up to$800 (if you file married filing jointly) to FIBCO by December 31, 2017, you can qualify for a dollar-for-dollar charitable tax credit for the 2017 tax year.

Donations can be made online by clicking below or by mailing a check to 1141 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85034. Donations can also be made in-person at the same address. More information on the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit can be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Make your donation today and help us make a real difference in our community, while also decreasing your Arizona state tax liabilty!  

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Damara Lotten
Executive Director
ext. 2226

Tara Lamont
Program Director
ext. 2231

Jamyla Rogers
Office Manager
(602) 385-3900

Dorothy Adams
Supervisor of Food and Clothing
ext. 2222

Rev. Mbaya Barampunde
PAAAC Coordinator
ext. 2225

Dr. Warren Stewart, Sr.

Ernest Urquhart

Dr. Luther Holland, Jr.
C. Reginald Davis, Esq.
Lisa Davis
Jonae Harrison, Esq.
Billie Johnson
Michael Johnson
Sandra Kirkland
Stephanie Knox
Rudy Mayfield
Norman Landsen, Jr.
Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye
Donna Pickard
James Shipp, Sr.
Darnell Sells
Chiquita Serpas
Dr. LeRodrick Terry
Cheryl Wethers
Main Office: 602-385-3900
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In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy,
this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.
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